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26.04.24, 20:30, Mehrspur Club, Zurich

Experimental hip-hop meets electropop, gospel, progrock and more

After years of playing in bands and collectives, rapper and composer MDM plays the 8 songs of his still to be released first solo album, "And yet it turns", in a live-version with band. Driven, high-speed beats and raps alternate with soft, reflective ballads to form an eclectic journey through different genres and moods, full of musical detail and catchy hooklines.

Written as a concept album, we witness a story between two entities that fall in and out of each others favour; hating, fighting, loving - as well as battling over categoric differences on the ideas of a good life. Inner conflict mirroring clashes in broader society. An intimate yet energetic try of turning contemporary ideas and emotions into a piece of art that invites the audience to see, hear, enjoy as well as interpreting and projecting their own ideas onto the scenery.

As an ear catching opener, "Four Disturbed Civilians" will lay the foundation of the evening with their authentic and unmistakeable mix of cheerful grooves and melancholic melodies. A humourous and versatile set, the instrumental quartet never fails to explore the boundaries of musical possibilities.


MDM - composition, vocals

Axel Marena - vocals

Lukas Zinniker - drums

Nicolas Adam - bass

Rich Harpur - guitar

Christoph Meier - keys, synth

Four Disturbed Civilians

Manuel Oberson - sax

Christoph Meier - keys, synth

Manuel Ramirez - drums

Noé Burger - bass

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